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We see our mission in the preparation of active market participants and striving to develop professionals, armed with technology, based on the best achievements in the theory and practice of management, economics and law, as well as management culture.

We declare commitment to the values ​​of ethics, innovation, professionalism, independence and free discussion of issues.

We provide higher education with guaranteed quality, at an acceptable price.

We encourage strengthening of Russia's economic potential through the formation of versatile developed, honest, financially secure and independent professionals, with a strong life position who are ready to work for the benefit and development of our country.

We provide the best learning environment for students.

We offer all employees an interesting work, which can help them to focus on full realization of their potential.

Future plans

By 2015, Witte Moscow University will become the largest educational institution, leading in the fields of economics, management, law, social sciences and related disciplines and providing educational services throughout the Russian Federation.

Witte Moscow University will be known as:

University of Russia, because we will develop its activities throughout the Russian Federation;

University of Moscow, because of the location of the head office of the university in the capital of Russia which provides special opportunities, but also imposes big obligations. We will use our location to exchange experiences and ideas with government and commercial organizations, professional associations, international organizations, and educational institutions.

University, because we will deal with what we know best – providing undergraduate, secondary, postgraduate education in economics, management, law, social sciences and related disciplines.

In our work we focus on:

  • our own standards of training and service, training conditions, that surpass all Russian standards;
  • highly professional team of like-minded people, who share and support the basic values ​​Witte Moscow University, and continuously improve their professional and intellectual level to fulfill the mission of Witte Moscow University;
  • establishment of scientific schools, making a substantial contribution to the development of administrative, economic and legal science and practice.
  • we involve in teaching process practitioners, who are active and achieved success in their particular sphere;
  • flexibility, diversity and continuous improvement of educational contents and services to enable the maximum ability to meet the needs of individual and corporate clients (including through a broad package of additional services);
  • opportunity for continuous learning at all stages of human development in line with changes in the economy, science and career, transforming Witte Moscow Universityinto a "factory" of knowledge;
  • widespread availability of educational services, regardless of the previous level of education, wealth and place of residence, by providing innovative teaching system, pricing policy and a network of branches;
  • high ranking of Witte Moscow University;
  • demand for graduates;
  • diploma recognition by employers;
  • social orientation;
  • and to the constant attention and consideration of the interests of customers, employees, partners and founders.