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Psychological laboratory

In the conditions of modern system socio-economic reorganization of the world, geopolitical and worldview contradictions, struggle of old and new thinking paradigms - "world pictures", it is quite natural that many people strive to educate, including learning how to effectively solve problems arising in these circumstances. In this regard, applied psychological knowledge, underlying modern tools for solving such problems, is becoming more and more in demand today.

Everyone who seeks himself in life, profession, business, who sincerely aspires to build deep, satisfying, and happy relationships, who wants to maximize his potential, sooner or later, asks both essential and practical questions that have primarily psychological implications: "what does it mean to realize my potential?", "what does it mean to stay yourself and feel happy? "How to build relationships?", "What is a vocation and how to find and create your own business?", "What does it mean to be a leader and work in a team?", "How to enjoy your work?", "How to be stress-resistant and act effectively in crisis situations?", "How to live in harmony with yourself and the world around ?", and many other crucial questions of life.

Practical psychological knowledge allows us to solve many problems in the field of profession, career, business, contributes to the development of emotional, body-movement, social intelligence, awareness, and communication skills, providing answers to many questions, including those associated with their own psychological and physical health, as well as issues that arise in today's complex space of human relationships.

The laws of physics apply equally to an iron and a rocket engine, the only difference being the complexity of the object. The same is true of psychological laws, effects and mechanisms, which are universal and operate in a wide range of human life, from health and relationships to education and economics.

What is a psychological laboratory?

  • A team of professional psychologists with extensive experience in teaching and professional education, as well as personal life experience.

  • A place to get new and useful information about the world around you and yourself, about human health and relationships, about your profession, career and starting your own business.

  • It is a where all those interested in their own personal, professional and career development can acquire unique practical skills and knowledge.

  • A meeting place and an interesting pastime for those who want to meet new friends, interesting people, make unexpected discoveries and fill their life with new experiences.