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Scientific activity at the University

Following the spirit of S.Y. Witte's diverse activities and continuing the academic traditions of classical Russian education, our university strives to maximize the potential of its teachers and students, which is facilitated by active scientific and research work, involving the exchange of experience and knowledge and participation in the expert community.

To facilitate this, the university holds annual inter-university, international and national conferences:

  • International conferences on contemporary economic, social and political problems of the society,
  • Multilingual conferences,
  • International undergraduate and postgraduate research conferences designed to place future and young scientists in a broader scientific context,
  • International scientific conferences related to economic and environmental issues, highlighting the main areas of work of the university research laboratories.

Apart from traditional social, economic, legal areas, the university has a scientific department "Modern problems of using the potential of marine areas of the Russian Federation", which develops promising fields of economics, management, and law in application to actualization and realization of the potential of one of the most powerful resources of our country: natural water areas. Innovative, science-based approach to this field of activity will reveal the potential of this area of economics and show their promise, as well as create educational programs to train competent managers, lawyers, and economists, navigating in this promising profile.

Innovative educational project 

The results of multidisciplinary scientific activity of staff and students of the university are recorded in the publication of articles, monographs and conference proceedings.