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Distance learning

Moscow Witte University provides distance learning Bachelor and Master Degrees on its e-learning platform. Such programs allow students to access higher education while managing time and location at their own convenience.

Degrees available:

Undergraduate degrees:

08050062 Business with Computer Science

101100.62 Hospitality

081100.62 State and Municipal Management

080200.62 Management

230700.62 Applied Computer Science

050400.62 Psycho-pedagogical education

031600.62 Advertising and Public Relations

100400.62 Tourism

080400.62 Resource Management

080100.62 Economics

030900.62 Law

Graduate degrees:

080200.68 Management

080100.68 Economics

030900.68 Law


036401.65 Customs

Transfer to senior courses (specialty)

080109.65 Accounting, Analysis and Audit

080111.65 Marketing

080507.65 Organisation Management

030602.65 Public Relations

080505.65 Resource Management

080105.65 Finance and Credit

030501.65 Law

Course Duration:






Full time*



6 years

5 years

3,5 years

3 years

2,5 years

* Reduced due to ownership of post-secondary vocational education.

** Reduced on the basis of undergraduate degree.

Tuition fees

Prices in Rubles per semester.






Full time*



14 900 p

14 900p

14 900p

14 900p

21 000p

* Reduced due to ownership of post-secondary vocational education

** Reduced on the basis of undergraduate degree

How to apply to us for distance learning

• Fill out an online questionnaire.

• Obtain the necessary information from admissions officers during the interview

call, ask for a list of entrance examinations.

• Pass the entrance test.

• Receive an e-mail of the contract and the receipt for payment of education.

• Pay your receipt and send it by e-mail to the admissions office.

• Get proof of payment and receive a message confirming the opening of your personal file and requesting relevant information from you.

• Notarised copies of previous education certificates (with the application), attach 4 photographs size 3x4 cm, signed contract (with the university) and the receipt of filing of the original documents and send the documents by registered mail to the Admissions Office of the University. If you live in Moscow or in any city where we have branches, the documents can be taken up to the selection committee in person. The student selection committee will issue a statement of your documents and the contract, as well as, issuing a receipt.

• After receiving the documents, the selection committee creates a private folder, signs the contract and prepares documents for enrolment.

• You will receive an email confirming your acceptance to the university.

• The original copy of the contract and the order of admission can be granted to a student in person or sent by mail upon request (with a written statement).

• For background information on the procedure or stages of paperwork, you can contact the admissions office at: +7 (495) 5-000-363 or send an e-mail to:

Centre for Distance Learning Technologies of Moscow Witte University offers remote higher education via e-learning!

We take an innovative approach to e-learning, allowing an alternative to full-time and part-time courses. This permits individuals to receive higher education remotely (including the second and third degrees), without upsetting the rhythm of personal and business life, or requiring presence in Russia. E-learning has become an established teaching technique comparable to traditional methods both in quality and results, thereby transforming the educational sector both in Russia and around the world.

The benefits of distance education at Moscow Witte University:

• The opportunity to become an owner of a diploma from a top university, without the significant financial and time costs associated with travel and accommodation in Moscow.

• A well-designed curriculum based on the use of innovative e-learning technologies.

• Guaranteed high quality of teaching, due to long established University rules and traditions.

• The flexibility of distance learning programs and personalised approach to learning allows students to build a schedule of classes, optimising their own learning in terms of effort and pace.

• A wide range of subjects are available in such areas as management, finance, economics and law.

• Special attention is paid to the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Moscow Witte University guarantees a high quality of distance learning. Having finished a distance-learning course not only do students receive a diploma, but they also develop deep and extensive expertise in their chosen field of study. The main principle of distance education is the use of virtual space for teacher-student interaction. This results in work being done under the supervision of a tutor, who provides a suitable amount of coursework for each individual student. Thanks to modern means of digital communication, a student in distance learning can obtain not only the information provided for the program, but also advice, explanations and answers to questions.