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Faculty of Economics and Finance


  • Department of Accounting and Taxation
  • Department of Urban Economics
  • Department of Finance and Credit

About undergraduate and graduate programs

All programs meet government and international standards.

Full-time course - 4 years (bachelor's degree), for Part-time or evening courses - 5 years (bachelor degree). Masters in Education - 2 years (full-time study), 2.5 years for all other formats. This is the most optimal time to fully understand all academic disciplines and attain the standards for a successful future.

The basic educational program for a bachelor’s degree provides the following training cycles: Humanitarian, social and economic cycles, natural cycle and professional sections: physical education, training and work practices and / or scientific and research work; final state certification. Each training cycle includes obligatory and variable modules which allow for in-depth study of disciplines and in turn allow students to gain the skills for a successful career and continuing professional education towards a master's degree.

Masters programs are delivered in accordance with government standards.

The objectives for Masters Degrees at the Faculty are: further development of the educational system, providing opportunities for higher education at Master's level, preparing graduates for employment. These require knowledge of fundamental subjects, respective ownership and overall cultural and professional competences, so as to work, effectively conduct scientific research and prepare future academics for universities.

Bachelor degrees:

080100.62 Economics

- Accounting and Audit

- Taxes and Taxation

- Finance and Credit

- Economy and Management (in the urban economy)

100200.62 Tourism

- Technology and organization of tour operators and travel agent services

080100.68 Economics

- Economics of the firm

- Integrated urban development

- Accounting, analysis and audit in commercial organizations

080300.68 Finance and Credit

- Corporate finance and cost management

- Financial management

Faculty History

The Faculty of Economics and Finance was opened in 2005 as a result of the reorganization of the economic faculty of MUIV (MIEMP). It is one of three University faculties and has the largest number of students. It has more than 3,500 students who study finance and economic in particular "Finance and Credit", "Accounting and Auditing", "Taxes and Taxation" and "Economy and Management (urban economy)”.

In this period of economic development these programs are highly popular and graduates are highly sought after. Businesses are in need of competent specialists who possess a modern understanding of information technology and company law.

Our university aims to provide skilled and competitive professionals based on the current market demands. The Faculty provides a convivial and pleasant learning environment with well-equipped classrooms and an expert teaching staff, highly qualified in their respective specialties.

Life as a student is for many, the most striking and interesting period of their lives. At the Faculty of Economics and Finance you will not only get professional knowledge, but also fully enjoy the taste of university life. There are a wide variety of extracurricular activities to choose from depending on your own particular interest.

The faculty gives each student the opportunity to fulfill their potential by getting involved in the workings of the student management, visiting varieties of forums and conferences, participating in contests and competitions at various levels. The faculty created and successfully operates a Student Union which is a generator and a conductor for new student ideas and initiatives in various areas of student life (teaching, research, sports, and culture). Students regularly participate in the Russian Urban School student activist association and more recently attended the Residential School student activists in Bulgaria.

Students of the department under the guidance of experienced supervisors annually take part in the all-Russian economic competition, conducted by the Youth Union of economists and financiers of the Russian Federation. It has become a tradition at the Faculty to conduct annual contests and business games: Tax Olympiad, the Olympic games in Economics, Business games for the global economy. Such activities greatly increase the interest of students of the school and contribute to the acquisition of additional professional knowledge. Students of the faculty are regular participants of the annual Student Conference of MUIV (MIEMP), all-Russian forum of Accountants and Auditors and other interesting scientific and practical activities.

Each year in late November, the Faculty celebrates its feast day of Economics and Finance. This wonderful tradition has existed for several years and provides an opportunity for students and faculty members to feel part of a whole, a large and happy family. Together we overcome learning difficulties, rejoice in the victories of science and sport and generally have a fun time together at the Faculty of Economics and Finance!