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Faculty of management


· Department of Management and Marketing

· Department of Psychology, Pedagogy, Social and Humanitarian disciplines

· Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

About our undergraduate and postgraduate degrees:

Undergraduate field has the following areas of training: "Management", “Human Resources ", "Advertising and Public Relations", "Psycho–pedagogical education ", "Organization of work with young people", "Linguistics", "Applied Computer Science", "Business Informatics" and "Quality Management".

Graduate fields include such areas as: "Management" and "Human Resources". Faculty provides PhD’s in the following specialties: "Management in social and economic systems," "Theory and a vocational training", “Educational psychology".

Bachelor degrees:

080200.62 Management

- Marketing

- Project Management

- Logistics

080400.62 Resource Management

- Management Consulting

230700.62 Applied Informatics

- Applied Informatics in Economics

031600.62 Advertising and Public Relations

- Advertising and Public Relations in Business

050400.62 Psycho-pedagogical education

- Psychology and Social Pedagogy

080500.62 Business Informatics

- E-business

Master Degrees:

080200.68 Management

- Management of Small and Medium-sized Businesses

080400.68 Resource Management

- Human Resource Management


05.13.10 Management in Social and Economic systems

- Management in Social and Economic systems

13.00.08 Theory and Vocational training

- Theory and Vocational training

19.00.07 Educational Psychology

- Educational Psychology

Faculty History

Faculty of Management - one of the oldest departments at MUIV, created in 1993. Over the entire period of the Faculty of Managements’ existence, it has trained more than 10,000 professionals. The Faculty today consists of 3,000 students. All of our tutors are highly qualified and passionate about teaching. The Faculty takes special pride in its dean and professor Plotnikova Olga. Dean of the Faculty of Management, a Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Plotnikova Olga has published a number of scientific papers on the country's history, economics and education. She is also an expert of the Control and Supervision of the Education Department of Education, Moscow.

Training of specialists at the faculty are implemented by three departments- the department of “Management and Marketing", where the head is a candidate of philosophical sciences, professor Alexander Averin, Department of "Mathematics and Informatics", where the head is a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Siberian Victor K. "department of "Humanities and social sciences", where the Head of the Department is a doctor of Philosophy, Professor Sergei Muzyaka.

Since the beginning, the faculty’s teachers have focused on the practical importance of knowledge obtained by students. A distinctive feature of the work of the teaching staff at the faculty is their continuing interest in innovation and practical developments, as well as, the testing of new pedagogical theories. Teachers use methodologies such as: learning as role-play, case studies (in the form of case assignments), tests, workshops, public lectures and specialized training courses. With the widespread introduction of computer technology in the educational process many teachers of the department have been actively upgrading these to the educational process: creating digital libraries, e-books, specialized software for management, marketing and human resources services.

These methods are aimed primarily at enhancing creativity and to prepare students for a highly competitive economy. The Faculty is constantly researching and developing the best possible ways to work and each department is actively involved in conferences and workshops (with student participation). Research work at the department is constantly improving and seeks new ways of unlocking the creative potential of graduate and undergraduate students.


The purpose of the faculty is to train highly qualified and competitive specialists, with the ability to think rationally, strategically and creatively, taking into account the realities of today's market.