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International education centre

The Centre works with foreign students on visa and migration issues, as well as the legalization and recognition of foreign education documents. 

The Centre organizes participation in international educational programs and internships at foreign organizations outside the Russian Federation and holds competitions for participation in grant programs with foreign partners.

Irina Sergeyevna Laparevich - Head of the Centre

Contact info: 

+7 (495) 783-68-48 ext. 5071

2nd floor, room 24.

Information on visa and migration registration

For foreign nationals from visa-free countries

  1. Migration registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons is the activity of fixing and summarizing the data stipulated by this Federal Law on foreign citizens and stateless persons and on the movement of foreign citizens and stateless persons.

  2. According to the amendments to the Federal Law 163-FZ dated 27.06.2018, all foreign students carry out the procedure of migration registration at the address of their actual residence.

International education center shall issue an application to extend the migration registration at the territorial body of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs (the application shall be submitted at least 3 working days before the expiry of the migration registration).

Migration registration with an expired date CANNOT be extended! 

The foreign student, in this case, will be obliged to recross the border. 

For foreign nationals from visa-requiring countries

1. Visas and visa invitations can be issued for applicants/students enrolled/studying on full-time, part-time, and extramural weekend forms of education (i.e., those forms in which students regularly attend university).

2. To issue a visa invitation, or to extend a valid visa, you must apply to the International education center within the set deadline.

WARNING: You must apply for an extension of a valid visa 25 working days in advance.

3. For visa extension the following documents are required:

  • 1 photo 3*4

  • receipt of payment of state duty (details are provided)

  • passport copy

  • visa copy

  • migration card copy

  • copy of valid Moscow registration 

  • copy of the enrolment contract

  • copy of current semester tuition fees payment

4. After obtaining a new visa, you have to apply for a new migration registration (due to the visa change) and submit a copy to the International education center.

5. To issue a visa invitation (production period 14-16 days):

  • filled-in application form

  • passport copy

  • state fee (requisites are provided)

  • copy of the enrolment contract

  • copy of the tuition fees payment

6. After the expiry of the visa, if the visa is not renewed, the foreign student shall be obliged to leave the territory of the Russian Federation by informing the official of the International education center in person. The foreign student is also obliged to inform in person the official of the International education center about any movements on the territory of the Russian Federation if he/she plans to stay outside Moscow for more than 7 days.

7. Each time a foreign student leaves the territory of the Russian Federation, he/she must inform the official of the International education center, informing him/her of the date of departure and expected date of return.

8. In case of expulsion, academic leave or termination of studies, visa students shall leave the territory of the Russian Federation or renew/re-issue their visa. 

9. Foreign visa students shall be obliged to provide information to the International education centerabout changes in their contact information, application for temporary residence permit/residence permit, obtaining temporary residence permit/residence permit and obtaining Russian citizenship.

Procedure for the recognition and equivalence of educational documents

Please note that the concept of Legalisation of a foreign educational document and its Recognition are two different procedures!

Legalisation of documents is implemented to legally use the foreign document in another country.

Recognition of education is implemented for granting the rights for education (or) employment.

The necessity of legalisation and recognition procedures is determined by the country where the educational document was issued.

The legalisation procedure is performed ONLY in the territory of the country that issued the educational document. There are two types:

1. Consular legalization. 

2. "Apostille" - a simplified legalization procedure.

The recognition procedure is conducted ONLY in the territory of the country where you plan to study. 

More detailed information on the necessity of the legalization/recognition procedure, as well as a list of necessary documents can be found on the website

International Programms

  • At the S.Y. Witte Moscow State University, you will be able to apply for a visa. You can take part in the following international programs:

  • Russia-Europe: Two Diplomas, in cooperation with the Higher School of Finance and Administration in Bialystok (Poland)
  • Witte-KOI joint program, together with the King's Own Institute (Australia)

  • Language summer schools, internships (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey), apprenticeships and other social, cultural and practical programs 

  • Grants and scholarships