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  • Foreign practice development enterprises in the concert and exhibition services
    Author: Grachev Roman Vladyslavovych
    Description:  This article describes the practice of foreign enterprises in the development of concert-exhibition services, including the activities of the Association of the cultural capitals of the world summits cultural capitals of the world, a comparative analysis of performance: theater, music, dance events, concerts and entertainment services
    Keywords:  foreign practice, industry businesses concert and exhibition services, the association's cultural capitals of the world, the summit of the world's cultural capitals, theatrical events, music and dance events, concerts and entertainment services
    Methodological approaches to research of financial safety
    Author: Efimov Vladimir Sergeevich / Bushuyeva Natal’ya Vladimirovna
    Description:  In this article the approaches to the economic and financial security through the prism of modern threats and dangers, and taking into account the principles of construction and functioning of the financial system
    Keywords:  financial security, economic security, key risks, threats, global risks
    Evolution of a financial diagnostics complex formation in bankruptcy forecast: a synergetic approach
    Author: Tolpegina Olga Akimovna / Mohun’ Natal’ya Alexeevna
    Description:  Evolutionary formation of financial diagnostics had several stages. A large number of modernized classical and alternative methods are used in the diagnostics and study of crisis. Modern science and improvement of analytical studies methodologies reveal new opportunities and prospects.
    Keywords:  crisis, bankruptcy, financial diagnostics, prognostics, strategic diagnostics, ratio analysis, multiple-discriminant analysis, multiple regression analysis, logit model, rating method of estimation, neurocomputing
    Method of calculation of economic efficiency of the investment project on the example of the aircraft (a)
    Author: Ushakov Vladimir Yakovlevich
    Description:  The article defines the basic economic terms, characterizing the efficiency of the use of funds for the implementation of investment projects. It also defines the composition of the total project costs of development and operation of the vehicle. Effective participation in the project is determined in order to verify the feasibility of the investment project and the interest of all its members
    Keywords:  efficiency of the investment project, the comparative effectiveness, model of the transport operationн8аз-нсм, full costs of the project, the commercial viability of the project
    Efficiency analysis of fixed production assets
    Author: Harlamov Alexander Alexandrovich
    Description:  The article presents principles and methods of assessing the efficiency of the basic production assets
    Keywords:  fixed production assets; capital productivity, profitability, capital ratio
    Assessment of financial assets by the ratio of "risk-yield", taking into consideration the duration of investments
    Author: Berzon Nikolay Yosifovich
    Description:  One of the fundamental concepts of financial theory is to find compromise between risk and return. In the traditional approach to ratio of risk and return - higher yield faces a higher risk. It does not take into consideration the timeframe of investments. Purpose of this article is to analyze the risk-profitability ratio of financial instruments depending on the investment period in developed and emerging markets. The analysis showed that the prolongation of the investment period reduces the risk indicators, and the yield remains almost constant. At long time periods shares indicate higher returns with lower risk
    Keywords:  risk-return profile, the influence of the duration of the investment period, the comparison of stocks and bonds, the Sharpe ratio, CAPM model
    Simulation of multilateral clearing in payment systems
    Author: Kirsanov Alexandr Petrovich / Kuznetsov Aleksey Andreevich / Irina Andreevna Papsheva
    Description:  This article is devoted to the problem of reducing gross payments between settlement participants by clearing or netting arrangements. Matrix and graph models are developed and used to describe set of payments. The main features of these models which can be found in actual payment systems are analyzed in this work. Using simulation modeling it is investigated the efficiency of the clearing process for various initial matrixes of gross payments
    Keywords:  netting, multilateral clearing, payment systems, simulation

  • Balanced system of indicators as instrument of management of investment appeal
    Author: Agapitova Elena Anatolyevna
    Description:  The article is devoted to methods of an assessment of investment appeal of the enterprises: economic-mathematical, factorial analysis, expert estimates. The additional criteria of investment appeal that suppose the diversified analysis are also given in article. Also balanced system of the indicators founded on reasoned judgments of heads and experts, familiar with a state of affairs and prospects of development of the enterprise is used
    Keywords:  investment appeal, assessment and development of techniques of the analysis, approbation at the enterprise, studying of factors, the bank credit, the investor, diagnostics
    About structural efficiency of the balanced macroeconomic system and the directions of its development
    Author: Vladimirov Sergey Arsen’evich
    Description:  The article is devoted to author’s economic model in which the main directions of complete macroeconomic (including tax) policy are systematically scientifically fully proved The model allows of predicting future conditions of the concrete balanced open economy (BOE). The directions of further development of model are formulated
    Keywords:  P. Samuelson's model; efficiency; macroeconomics; quality; policy; state; taxes
    Risk-border formation of the innovation portfolio in the organization
    Author: Gubanov Roman Sergeevich
    Description:  The article deals with the essence of the formation of the innovation portfolio in the organization. Reasons of the occurrence of risks in the conditions of the formation of the innovation portfolio. Developed the algorithm of evaluation process and to achieve the objectives of the formation of the innovation portfolio with taking into account of risk and uncertainty
    Keywords:  innovative portfolio, organization, risk, innovation risk, innovation, risk-border innovation portfolio
    Corporate social responsibility of business in Russia and in the USA
    Author: Dokholyan Samvel Bahshievich
    Description:  The article is devoted to directions of development of corporate social responsibility of business in Russia and in the USA. The author of a comparative analysis of trends and directions of development of social responsibility of business, relationships and expectations of the public to companies implementing social programs
    Keywords:  corporate social responsibility, corporate social programs, corporate social responsibility of companies
    Mechanisms of formation of financial resources of the self-regulating organization based on membership of persons, carrying out preparation of project documentation
    Author: Palivoda Andrey Yuryevich
    Description:  Institute of self-regulation of business and professional activity in Russia, as the mechanism of public regulation and collective responsibility. The membership fees, in fact are the main source of implementation of the current activity of SRO: payment of expenses connected with operation of the room and other costs provided in the approved estimate SRO. The indemnification fund of the self-regulating organization is a financial guarantee of safety of production
    Keywords:  financial resources, self-regulating organization, indemnification fund, design organization, membership fees, payment of costs
    Financing of the market of innovations of pipeline transport infrastructure
    Author: Pastuhov Dmitry Yuryevich
    Description:  The transport infrastructure is an important factor of development of the national social and economic sphere. The problem of creation, modernization, transition to an innovative way of its development consists in unbalanced approach to the organization of attraction of financial resources necessary for innovations and risks. The risk of instability of the legislation is one of the most often pointed out in realization of investment projects. Theorists and practitioners of business carry it to group of system risks
    Keywords:  pipeline infrastructure, innovations, financing, risks, private capital, private and state partnership, regulatory role of the state
    The analysis of strengths and weaknesses of financial and economic activity
    Author: Potapova Yulia Mikhaelovna / Kuznetsova Aleftina Ivanovna
    Description:  In article the analysis of financial and economic activity of the enterprises for achieving investment appeal and to avoid a crisis condition. The main coefficients characterizing a financial condition of the enterprises are considered and methods on improvement of financial and economic activity on an example (JSC REU and JSC MOEK) are offered
    Keywords:  coefficient, profitability, liquidity, financial leverage, financial and economic activity
    Management of municipal social infrastructure development. Theoretical aspects
    Author: Sapozhnikova Tatiana Aleksandrovna / Kuznetsova Aleftina Ivanovna
    Description:  The article considers the origin of such definitions as "infrastructure", "social infrastructure", as well as classification methods of social infrastructure. The problems of creating, developing and managing the social infrastructure in present-day Russia are touched upon in the article. The work examines the analytical methods of social infrastructure development in the towns and cities of Russian Federation
    Keywords:  infrastructure, social infrastructure, management of social infrastructure creation, social infrastructure objects, the tasks of social infrastructure creation management, index of social infrastructure development
    Crises in tendencies of economy development
    Author: Chebashkina Galina Anatolyevna
    Description:  What is the crisis, and also its structural component area of research which still is a subject of the scientific analysis. Then it becomes clear that crisis is characterized by a set of the interconnected situations increasing complexity and risk of management. Further about it in article
    Keywords:  the concept of crisis, crises in social and economic development what crises exist, properly to belong to crises: to be afraid, fight, welcome or to resolve, what tendencies of development reflect crisis, opportunity to operate crisis situations
    Outstaffing application specifics in modern Russian organizations
    Author: Vinogradov Andrey Vladislavovich
    Description:  The article studies the application of outstaffing, one of the most popular technologies of modern management, in Russian organizations. Short history of outstaffing, its emergence in Russia and current level of development are reviewed. Current problems of oustaffing in Russia and its possible perspectives are analyzed
    Keywords:  outstaffing, the technology of management, agency work, the sociology of organizations, the sociology of management

  • Other economic policy
    Author: Zhirinovsky Vladimir Vol’fovich
    Description:  The article argues that it is time for the state, not for the market to create. There is a need a constant inflow of new forces, thoughts, ideas on the basis of open political race for voters, for the improvement of their life and strengthening of the state in public administration. In recent years the economic situation was stabilized in the country. At this stage, Russia needs a full four parties, or five as maximum. The state Duma reports usually by the amount of passed laws, but it is necessary that the report contained the analysis of the effectiveness of the passed laws
    Keywords:  public administration, political race, voter, economic situation, laws
    The scenario analysis of execution of debts of Ukraine in front of the Russian federation
    Author: Kovalyov Denis Olegovich / Brodunov Andrey Nikolaevich
    Description:  The article focuses on the analysis of the Ukrainian debt. The main topic of this article, this commitment to Russia and Ukraine as to service their external and internal debts. Briefly examined data on debt of Ukraine, the authors conducted an analysis of possible scenarios related to the sovereign debt of Ukraine and the implications for the Russian Federation in the event of technical default. Analyzing the economic situation in Ukraine authors also came to understand that Russia, as a close partner should strongly contribute to the stabilization of the economy of Ukraine, taking into account the national interests of the Russian Federation on the debt capital market
    Keywords:  Debt securities, sovereign obligations on securities, financial market and the creditworthiness of the country, Ukraine's debt, the structure of GDP, the International Monetary Fund

  • The institutional environment of the post-industrial information society
    Author: Ribokene Elena Vladimirovna
    Description:  The article reveals and shows the patterns and trends of processes of evolution of institutions; marked vector behavioural attitudes in the context of globalization and traced the relationship between individuals as elements of the economic system that gives the economic system more complex and new properties that are not inherent in the individual items; defined the basis for developing models of behavioural attitudes of the actors of the market
    Keywords:  Institutionalism, institutional theory, knowledge economy, the behavior of economic agents, economy institutions, economic agents, institutional space