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Actual problems of small towns and their development prospects on the example of Uglich

Authors Baranova Anastasia Sergeevna/Zhandarova Natalia Evgenyevna /Mursyakova Victoria Ivanovna
Keywordssmall town, the problems of development of small towns, economy, tourism, the decline in development, population
Annotation This article examines a number of issues related to the development of small towns, reducing their numbers by the example of Uglich, Yaroslavl region, with the study of the dynamics of large and small cities in previous years. Were used factual information about small towns and policy decisions related to their development. In this paper we investigate the cause and effects of urban development perspective, the analysis of strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in order to further enhance the attractiveness of the city to life and tourism. Based on the analysis suggested a number of prospects of development in Uglich in the study population needs to live in the city and the development of small towns in terms of area , the country and the world
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