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Conceptual basis for improving the quality of the economy of the modern institution of higher education

Authors Salikhov Boris Vapisovich /Salikhova Irina Sergeevna /
KeywordsEconomics of education and economics university education; research center of economics education; educational services market; the competitiveness of the modern university; the intellectual capital of the institution; intellectual entrepreneurship; intellectual security; scientific and educational product
Annotation This article explores the essence of university education economy, characterized by the overall design activity research center economics of education, enhance the quality of scientific and educational activities of the university. The features of modern education market, as well as determined and specified tasks research center economics of education to improve the competitiveness of the modern university. Reveals the general direction of this center to im-prove the economic efficiency of university education; identify and consider the total content of intellectual entrepreneurship as a systematic method of innovation and innovative activity center of the economics of education. The role of the center in the formation of value added scientific and educational product, available forms and methods of assessing the contribution of the research center economics education in improving the competitiveness of higher educa-tion
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