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The strategic priorities of the Аrctic Geopolitics of Russia

Authors Semenov Alexander Vyacheslavovich /Rudenko Yuriy Semenovich /Razowski Yuri Viktorovich
KeywordsGeopolitics, geo-Economics, socio – economic policy, the Arctic, strategic priorities
Annotation The publication consists of two interrelated parts. The first part contains the results of historical analysis, in-cluding the problem statement and conclusions. Analyzed foreign and domestic modern geopolitical doctrine in historical retrospect. Factors of efficiency, stability and instability of political and economic systems in terms of geopolitics. In the second part of the interrelation of geopolitics, geoeconomic and internal socio – economic policy. Analyses examples of effective implementation of geo-economic and socio-economic model of Western countries. Justified socio-economic priority Arctic geopolitics of Russia. The proposed geo-economic model and formulated proposals for implementing Arctic geopolitics of Russia
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