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Rental worldview arctic development

Authors Semenov Alexander Vyacheslavovich/Yuriy Semenovich Rudenko/Razowski Yuri Viktorovich
Keywordsthe scientific Outlook, the natural rent, capital, Arctic, strategic goal, efficiency, population growth, scientific truth
Annotation Considered issues of development of the Arctic zone of Russia on the background of frequent abnormal manifestations of nature, crises in the economic and political sphere. Basic provisions of the rental of the scientific worldview, including the law of natural resource rents, including its manifestation in the Arctic. Presented in the scientific truths are the basis for the formation of innovative economic policy and development strategy of the Arctic. Formulated research problem of the Arctic development. Conceptually, the methodology for its solution on the basis of the classification of natural reserves and natural capital on a single criterion. Scientifically based strategic goal and objectives of the Arctic. Examples of practical experience supporting advanced concept
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