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Study of the basic elements of the service enterprise policy as a tool of marketing logistics

Authors Krainova Olga Sergeevna //
Keywordsservice logistics, marketing, meeting the needs of consumers, elements of the logistics system, logistics flows, customer segments, evaluation of the quality of the executed works and the ren-dered services
Annotation The article presents the results of the research of customers ' satisfaction with the quality of the executed works and rendered services as a result of operation of logistics service system with the use of marketing tools. The analysis of the basic elements of the logistics service system and characterizes the main processes of their interaction to meet the needs of different segments of customers. And the necessity of identifying the initial customer expectations and evaluation of the perceived quality that is demanded marketing research methods. Aktualisierte the differentiation and segment relevant marketing component of logistics services, thus providing a background for further research in the perspective of logistics service
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