Malyshev Nikolay Grigoryevich
 Chairman of the Editorial Board
 corr. Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Sc. Sciences, prof., President of the Moscow University SY Witte
 Semenov Alexander Vyacheslavovich 
 Deputy Chairman of the Editorial Board
 d. e. Sc., prof., Rector of Moscow University SY Witte
Rudenko Yuriy Semyonovich
 Deputy Chairman of the Editorial Board
 Dr. ped. Sciences, prof., Vice-Rector of Moscow University named SY Witte
  Pylypenko Pavel Pavlovich 
 Zam. Chairman of the Editorial Board,
Dr. ehkon. Sciences, prof., the winner of the RF Government Prize in Science and Technology, Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of Russia, Rector of AS IMPE Griboyedov

Member of Editorial Board

 Tebekin Alexei Vasilyevich 
 Dr. Sc. Science, Dr. ehkon. Sciences, prof., prof. Department of Economics and Business, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences
Novitsky Nikolay Aleksandrovich
 Dr. ehkon. Sciences, prof., Head. sector investment in innovation development, the Institute of Economics Academy of Sciences Olga P. Zvyagintsev
 Mecrussev Viktor Vladimirovich
 Dr. Sci. Sciences, prof., Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education, Head. Department of Management of the Russian Customs Academy
Razovskiy Yuriy Viktorovich
Doctor of Economics, Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor of the Department "Management and marketing" of Moscow State University named SY Witte
 Kochetov Ernest Grigoryevich
 Dr. ehkon. Sciences, Academy of Natural Sciences, director of the Center for Global Studies and the Economy,
 Rusak Helena Stepanovna 
 cand. ehkon. Science, Head. Department of Business Economy of the Academy of Management under the President of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus
 Sukhina Elena 
cand. ehkon. Sciences, Senior Researcher of the economic problems of environmental policy and sustainable development SI "Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine"
 Baltov Milen 
Doctor, PhD, Professor. Vice-rector for research and development and international cooperation of the Bourgas Free University, Republic of Bulgaria
Jerina Kolitari
Prof.Assoc.Dr. Department of Aquaculture and Fishery,
Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, Agricultural University of Tirana.Albania.
Head of Aquaculture and Fishery Laboratory, Durrës.