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  • Intersubjective education concept
    Author: Vittikh Vladimir Andreevich / Moiseeva Tatiana Vladimirovna
    Description:  The article introduces the concept of intersubjective education which uses postnonclassical scientific rationality and phenomenology principles, and which is based on consciousness and joint decision of problem situations by pupils
    Keywords:  intersubjective education, problem situation, lifeworld, system world, intersubjective knowledge
    Optimization of the process of teaching in high school, taking into the account features of perception and learning of the today’s youth
    Author: Kondrakova Yulia Nikolayevna
    Description:  The article speaks about the current problems of teaching in high school today’s youth, which has no clear motivation, not accustomed to work. And it has a specific worldview different from previous generations, as it is based on a global network. Teachers are forced to change familiar teaching approaches, developed over the years, and not just in high school, but also in the formation of small children
    Keywords:  education, high school, generation Y, internet, modern technology, teaching approaches
    The computerization of process mining material and assessment of students' knowledge: Problems and Prospects
    Author: Maryanchik Evgueny Borisovich
    Description:  The article discusses the possibility of increasing the efficiency of the educational process using the computerization of learning material and the assessment of student knowledge. Particular attention is paid to the possibilities of using different tests, and therefore different types of questions are analyzed, the probabilistic assessment of their effectiveness is made and further recommendations are given
    Keywords:  efficiency of the educational process, tests, learning material
    Visualization of information: evident display of quantitative information
    Author: Mogireva Elena Stepanovna
    Description:  The purpose of the work is to learn how to extract useful information from original data with the help of data visualization. This topic is simple from the mathematical point of view, but it has great practical value. Literature review and the description of methods of data visualization are provided
    Keywords:  data visualization, business graphics, type of data presentation
    Communication as the education influence source in learning environment
    Author: Sergeev Sergey Fedorovich
    Description:  The present article is devoted to methodological and theoretical aspects of pedagogical influence and classroom communication. We discuss the background and methodological, theoretical and applied aspects of the problem as well as classical, nonclassical and postnonclassical pedagogy and psychology approaches to the problem. We present a generalized model of orienting cooperation to explain learning processes operationally-closed systems, which include the self-organizing system of human consciousness
    Keywords:  interactivity, interface, information system, learning communication, technogenic environment
    E-learning and the problem of understanding scientific text
    Author: Shapovalov Mikhail Ivanovich
    Description:  The purpose of this article is to provide guidance on designing and developing an e-learning course. An approach to solving the problems of generation and understanding of scientific text and multimedia of the e-learning course in cognitive-discursive paradigm. Proposed criteria, characterizing the e-learning system as a special type of text. Present proposals for architectonics of e-learning course, takes into consideration individual learner’s preferences. Describes the tasks for further research
    Keywords:  е-learning, learning styles, understanding of scientific text, cognitive-discursive paradigm

  • Estimates of resources in fractional-linear programming and their application in a market economy
    Author: Chernov Yury Petrovich
    Description:  This paper proposes a method by which it is managed to consider the effect of changes in the quantities of resources on the change in the value of fractional-linear objective function in the optimal plan with the help of the theory of duality of linear programming
    Keywords:  linear programming; resources; dual evaluation; profitability; the best plan; fractional-linear programming
    Problematic issues of operation of management information systems in organizations
    Author: Mikhaylyuk Avenir Viktorovich
    Description:  The period under review the implementation of information management systems, designed to improve the quality of business management with its own characteristics, the most critical of which is the completion of a functional management information system, carried out in connection with the expansion of the organization. Performance of these works aimed at improving the economic efficiency of enterprises often leads to economic losses. The article describes and justified causes of this problematic issue
    Keywords:  process management, information management system, the functional software product during the implementation of management information system, a typical solution configuration functions, operations management, management accounting

  • Theory of interaction analysis in the timing of the process
    Author: Afanasyev Yury Ivanovich
    Description:  Theory of interaction - is a fundamental general scientific category, allowing to implement structural, systemic understanding of the studied objects in their development and in the relationships with other objects. She is able to reflect all forms and relationships, attitudes and actions in nature and social systems. Interaction is a critical system factor, which for practical importance of information technology is difficult to overestimate. Interaction theory is closely linked with other theories. Its appearance is caused by the objective course of development of information, a theoretical understanding of the necessity of a new stage of scientific and technical progress. In this paper, the contents of the recovery process of interaction, the functional purpose of recovery of interaction, as well as the task for the future study of interaction processes
    Keywords:  interaction theory, modeling, processes in information systems, systems analysis
    Culture and civilization: dialectics of relationship (methodological aspects)
    Author: Potaturov Vasily Aleksandrovich
    Description:  In work an attempt of the comparative analysis of two major components of society – culture and a civilization in which space all activity of the public person is carried out is made, the question of methodological aspects of specification of the concepts "culture" and "civilization" is raised. Short digression to etymology of these concepts is presented
    Keywords:  culture, cult, material culture, civilization, genesis, evolution
    Civil-Patriotic consciousness as an indicator of the social health of the younger generation
    Author: Bikov Anatoly Karpovich
    Description:  The article presents an integrative feature of civil-Patriotic consciousness and social health of children and young people. Disclosed dynamics of civic and Patriotic values of the younger generation in the beginning of the XXI century. Proposes measures for the development of civil-Patriotic consciousness, including the mechanisms of realization of state policy in the field of Patriotic education
    Keywords:  civil-Patriotic consciousness, patriotism, civil-Patriotic education, social health, social policy, the state program of Patriotic education, civil society, program-target approach
    Twenty years later: conference on human factors «ERGO-2014»
    Author: Paderno Pavel Iosifovich / Anokhin Alexcey Nikitich / Sergeev Sergey Fedorovich
    Description:  At the first days of July 2014 in Saint-Petersburg Federal Energetics Secondary Educational Establishment took place the Labor psychology, Engineering psychology and Ergonomics - 2014” (ERGO - 2014) conference. It should be noted, it was the first international conference about the human factors problems for the last twenty years since the «Ergonomics in Russia, CIS and worldwide: the tradition and perspectives» organized by the USSR ergonomics association, took place in June of 1993
    Keywords:  ergonomics, engineering psychology, psychology of labor, scientific conferences
    How Russian scientists proved Motherland its usefulness
    Author: Voronina Alexandra Vladimirovna / Shevchenko Milana Viktorovna
    Description:  The article examines the questions the usefulness of our scientists to society. The specific character of an academic titles and degrees. Suggestions are made for extensions of the domain of scientists working in universities and ranking Russian scientists depending on the degree and academic rank
    Keywords:  science, degree, academic rank, education, educational process, publication of articles in scientific journals
    Education as a global object of interest in educational program «South Ukrainian Jewish University «Chabad-Odessa»
    Author: Ievgeniy Ruslavovich Borinshtein
    Description:  The article considers the peculiarities of educational program «South-Ukrainian Jewish University Chabad-Odessa». The value of the scheme and its educational aim are analyzed. With this the formation is studied as a diverse sociocultural process
    Keywords:  education, personally-oriented education, socialization, the value of education, value ori-entation
    Study of the educational needs of Jewish organizations in the field of management and social planning
    Author: Maron Arkady Isaakovich / Maron Maxim Arkadyevich / Fainburg Grigoriy Davidovich
    Description:  The results of the research project, the aim of which was to develop recommendations for the formation of relevant educational programs, their content and format. These recommendations should be the result of sociological research needs of the Jewish organizations in improving the skills of their staff in the field of social planning and management. The project was implemented on the basis of the Charitable Fund of Jewish Culture and Education Support and Development with the support of charities Genesis, CAF, JDC
    Keywords:  training, social engineering, management, Jewish NGOs, social orientation