Information and intercultural communication through the prism skeptical paradigm thinking

Authors Muzyakov Sergey Ivanovich//
Keywordsinformation, communication, information and cross-cultural communication, truth, thinking, paradigm, methodological position, skepticism
Annotation The problem of information and intercultural communication are one of the progressively developing areas of research, both abroad and in Russia today. The conceptual basis of Western studies on this subject are the interdisciplinary approaches, due to the need multilateral understanding what is happening in this field processes. Of particular interest is the study of processes of information society and the development of communication between the different socio-cultural system. Informatization process is not such a new phenomenon. Problems of information and communication have always been interested thinkers from different ages. In our opinion, very interesting are reflections of ancient skeptics who quite carefully studied the problem of information, communication and laid the foundation of modern positivist concepts in this perspective of thinking
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