1. Articles published in the journal only if the positive reviews.

Note. Licensing agreement on the transfer of non-exclusive rights to use the work (a contract of author's order), as well as the review is a mandatory attachment to the article. Author's signature in the contract, as well as the signature of the expert on the review, to be stamped.

Authors are sent along with the article to Email (see. "Contacts" section of the magazine) a scanned copy of the review and execution of contracts, and the originals - traditional mail (address see ibid.). The editors reserve the right to conduct an independent examination.

2. Publication of articles is free for PhD students and our readers.

3. Article shall comply with the requirements listed below.


(Requirements for registration and completeness are the same
as in other scientific journals, included in RISC)

1. Information about the article (UDC, the name - to 7 words, abstract - no more than 4 lines, keywords - up to 10) and the author (full name - full, degree, if any, position, place of work, Email, phone, web - address of the organization), as well as a source of funding of scientific work (information about the Grant). At the end of the article to repeat the information about the article and authors in English

2. Introduction (volume of about 0.5-1 pp.), Which should be reflected in the statement of objectives of the study. It should be noted the relevance of the problem to be solved by the author in his work, to briefly touch upon the current state of the problem (which has been done to the author - with links to sources) and to characterize the proposed new decision (in fact the essence of the author's work).

3. The main text of the article (5 pages), which provides a solution to the problem, outlines and explains in detail the allegations made and the results (all the evidence submitted in the application). Used rare special terms and symbols should be explained. It is forbidden to use abbreviations (except for a very limited number of generally accepted). Article is recommended to split into sections with titles that reflect the content. Each section can be numbered. Depth breakdown of the text should not exceed three levels (sections, paragraphs and subparagraphs). The article must contain illustrative material (pictures, diagrams, graphs), and the mathematical apparatus (formulas, depending) or conceptual (logical, structural) model of the investigated problem.

4. Conclusion must contain a discussion of the results and, if possible, an example illustrating their effectiveness, applicability test results. This section should begin with the words: "The authors believe that in this work are the following new position and results ...".

5. References. References (at the end) to the scientific literature is a mandatory attribute of any scientific article. By the scientific literature include journals, monographs, conference proceedings. Laws, tutorials, standards, reference books, encyclopedias are not "scientific literature". If you need to refer to them, these links are made as a footnote (at the end of the page).

6. When the list of literature in English is the name of the article, the names and initials of the authors, the information about them (academic degree, position, place of work), abstract and keywords.

7. At the end of the article to specify the address to which the certificate will be sent.