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  • Formation and nature of the general theory of national security of the Russian Federation
    Author: Semicheva Anastasiya Sergeevna
    Description:  The article opens the content and conceptual framework of the national security of Russian Federation. It also concerns of its nature and formation. Special attention is paid to the historical and legal emergence of National Security of the Russian Federation
    Keywords:  state, national security, public authorities, strategic culture, national interest, national security system
    The organization of local government Republic of Crimea during the transitional period
    Author: Mamina Oksana Ivanovna
    Description:  In accordance with the agreement on the entry of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol to the Russian Federation was a transitional period for the integration of the Crimea and Sevastopol in the legal system of the Russian Federation. This period ended January 1, 2015. In the present article attempts to analyze the adaptation process of regional regulatory framework of the new Russian region – Republic of Crimea to the Russian legislation on local government
    Keywords:  local government, Republic of Crimea, the subject of the Russian Federation, municipal reform, integration, the legal space of Russia
    The legal status of the head of the Russian state history and modernity
    Author: Samorodov Dmitiy Al’bertovich
    Description:  This article contains a comparative analysis of forms of government and legal status head of state in Russia and in several foreign countries, as well as conclusions and suggestions on improvement of the legal status of the head of state in Russia
    Keywords:  constitution, the President of the Russian Federation, head of state, state leader


  • Author: Vasiliy Stepanovich Yurchuk
    Description:  The article summarizes the procedure of adoption of children that exist in some European countries. Specified basic requirements of the procedure of adoption, the stages of this procedure that exist in the considered European countries
    Keywords:  adoption, consent to adoption, application for adoption, the adoption procedure, the consent to adoption, «abandoned minors»
    The problem of the relation of private and public law in the works of K.D. Kavelina
    Author: Zeynalovа Larissa Mikhailovna / Pravkin Sergey Alekseevich
    Description:  The article discusses the problem of correlation of private and public law in the works of K.D. Kavelin, a comparative analysis of different points of view of scientists on the question of the relation between private and public law. Shows the point of view of K.D. Kavelin on the issue of modernization of the monarchy in Russia
    Keywords:  public law, private law, monarchy, K.D. Kavelin, the problem of correlation, the modernization of the state
    Modern problems of legal regulation of family relations
    Author: Lipunov Valeriy Ivanovych
    Description:  The article deals with the issues of legal regulation of family relations in the Russian Federation, the directions of further development of family law
    Keywords:  family law, family law, family, spouses, parents, children, public support for the family

  • The problems associated with the voluntary issuance of arms, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices during vowel operational-search activities
    Author: Sidorkin Alexander Ivanovich
    Description:  This article is devoted to analysis of special events held by the police on the identification of weapons, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices. The publication is determined by the commit order of found items in accordance with the criminal procedure code and other normative legal acts governing the activities of the police in this area
    Keywords:  weapons, ammunition, explosives, explosive devices, operatively-search actions
    The role of participants in criminal proceedings in the implementation of the mechanism of compensation of harm caused by the offence in pre-trial proceedings in criminal cases
    Author: Ivanov Dmitry Alexandrovich
    Description:  The article raises the question of the role of the head of the investigative body, the chief of department of inquiry, investigator and employees of inquiry into the implementation of the current legislation regulating compensation for the harm caused to the crime during the pre-trial proceedings in criminal cases
    Keywords:  the head of the investigative body, the head of investigation department, investigator, the body of inquiry, the interaction, the victim, compensation for damage caused to crime
    Criminalistics in the system of criminal-legal science: current state, problems and prospects of its development
    Author: Nitsa Ol’ga Sergeevna
    Description:  In the article the analysis of the historical development of criminology, its relationship with criminal law Sciences. Discusses current status, problems and prospects of its development
    Keywords:  criminalistics, criminal legal science, the system of sciences, the relationship, the modern state of criminology
    Some problems of criminal responsibility for crimes against military service
    Author: Sikoev Soslan Alikovich
    Description:  The article considers some problems of criminal responsibility for crimes against military service are usually aimed against the established order of passing. Problematic aspects are considered from different angles, including by the perpetrator of this category of crimes. In particular, such crimes can be committed by servicemen that pass military service by conscription or by contract in Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and also the citizens staying in the reserve while undergoing their military training
    Keywords:  criminal liability, crime, military service, military personnel, conscription, contract service, Russia's Armed Forces
    The main stages of conciliation (mediation) in criminal proceedings
    Author: Vasilenko Aleksandra Sergeevna
    Description:  The article described the author's opinion about the value of conciliation procedures in criminal proceedings. Allocated to the stages of the conciliation procedure, as well as these phases disclosed the contents on the example of restorative justice programmes
    Keywords:  mediation, the conciliation procedure, juvenile technology, restorative justice program, reconciliation in the criminal process