Experience of prevention of systemic and specific corruption in correctional institutions abroad

Authors Matskevich I.M./Aminov I.I./
Keywordscorrectional institution administration, systemic corruption, specific corruption, penitentiary environment, corruption risks, conflict of interests, corruption-related crime, the powers of the officials, abuse of office, anti-corruption measures and mechanisms
Annotation Organizational problems of counteracting specific and systemic corruption in the penal systems of foreign countries (Philippines, Indonesia, Bolivia and others) are analyzed in the article; trends in the steady growth of crimes and corruption-related offenses among officials of bodies and institutions executing punishment; the experience of the development by the administration of correctional institutions of effective mechanisms of counteraction and management of corruption risks is analyzed on the basis of timely detection of signs of potential corruption, understanding of its causes, planning and implementation of measures to prevent corrupt behavior of employees at specific and systemic levels.
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