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  • Programming platform gaming system
    Author: Rudakova Galina Mikhailovna / Kovrigin Dmitry Olegivich
    Description:  In the article it is about universal design for learning and testing platform game of intelligent systems. Research methods used in the work, based on comparisons of features that provide participants with existing platforms for sports programming. It is expected that designed platform, expanding the list of programming languages can be used, including for the purpose of popularization of competitions on sports programming
    Keywords:  design, intelligent systems, gaming sports programming
    Heterogeneous computer game as an educational technology
    Author: Soloviev Igor Vladimirovich
    Description:  The article describes a new educational resource heterogeneous business games. The article compares the business computer and heterogeneous business game. The article shows that the heterogeneous computer game business solves more tasks and improves the quality of education. This article describes the methodological and technological requirements for the technology training. The article shows that this technology is a learning phase and at each stage of accumulating knowledge and information resources. The content of heterogeneous computer business game
    Keywords:  game, computer game business, heterogeneous computer business game, game model, the scenario of the game, playing time, a set of software and hardware training, life cycle
    Formation of information of educational resources
    Author: Butko Evgeniy Yаkovlevich
    Description:  This article describes the methods of formation of educational information resources. This article describes the codification strategy and personalization to create educational information resources. This article describes the information technology index of educational resources. The article reveals the concept of «measurable» as a property information educational resources. This article describes the steps involved in creating and formalizing the information educational resources
    Keywords:  education, technology education, information resources, educational resources
    Experience of development of the course “Statistical information in SPSS”
    Author: Medintseva Irina Petrovna
    Description:  In article the problem of creation of the course «Statistical Information in SPSS» is considered, its structure, the purpose and tasks are defined. The course role in formation of competences when training students sociologists is noted. Importance of the solution of the professional focused tasks is shown
    Keywords:  training of students sociologists, competences, statistical information, the analysis of data in SPSS
    Methods of the quick education to programming on base of the study of the classes of the problems (8-10)
    Author: Alyaev Yuri Alexandrovich
    Description:  Is offered methods of the quick education to programming on base of the study of the classes of the problems, designed and using in practice in process of the education to programming student high school
    Keywords:  algorithm, program, programming language Pascal, array
    Practical discrete mathematics and mathematics of logic (practical occupations 1-3)
    Author: Tyurin Sergey Feofentovich / Alyaev Yuri Alexandrovich
    Description:  The technique of solving problems on a practical training on discipline «Discrete mathematics and mathematical logic» developed and applied in practice in the universities of the Perm region
    Keywords:  the discrete mathematics, mathematics of logic, ensemble, algebra of the logic

  • Experimental verification of the dose distributions simulation for proton therapy
    Author: Karpunin Vladimir Olegovich
    Description:  Experimental verification of the proton beam dose distributions Monte-Carlo calculation in IThMC code is considered. The scattering model is shown to be chosen and implemented in IThMC code correctly, and this code could be used to verify dose distributions calculation in treatment planning systems for proton therapy
    Keywords:  proton radiation therapy, treatment-planning system, verification, simulation, Monte-Carlo method, dose distribution
    Digital simulation in underground surveying services
    Author: Kupriyanov Andrey Olegovich
    Description:  This article describes the surveying and GIS software in the construction of highway tunnels. This article describes the features of this type of work. This article describes the application of Geoinformatics and satellite navigation of that effort. This article describes the synthesis of work in the field of geodetic support. The article shows the necessity of using methods of applied geoinformatics for underground works. The article shows that the use of Applied Geoinformatics enables comprehensive use different methods for underground works
    Keywords:  applied geoinformatics, surveying software, digital modeling, geodetic horizontal and vertical justification, underground work
    Information security in the vast mobile Internet
    Author: Mikhnev Ilya Pavlovich
    Description:  The article analyzes the main threats to information security in the vast mobile Internet. Considered an attack on the social network and Man-in-the-Browser attacks. It shows the most reliable way to protect against leaks via mobile devices and removable media
    Keywords:  information security, mobile Internet, data protection, information resources
    Hardware, technology and software innovations 2010-2015 proton radiation therapy of ocular tumors
    Author: Orlov Dmitry Georgievich / Erokhin Igor Nikolaevich
    Description:  Recently we investigate new methods for proton therapy treatment planning of ocular tumors: the refined anatomical model eye, algorithms, a preliminary stage of planning. It allows as increasing an accuracy of treatment planning, so decreasштп the time of a patient’s installing. These methods have not been applied in existed planning systems, so we consider development new one. It’ll be based on the irradiation technology, which was developed by specialists of ITEP in a collaboration with Moscow Helmholtz Research Institute of Eye Diseases
    Keywords:  anatomical eye model, proton therapy, tomographic data, positioning, treatment planning, uveal melanoma
    Methods of estimating the benefits of information
    Author: Tsvetkov Viktor Yakovlevich
    Description:  The article describes the characteristics of the new information – information advantage. This article describes the methods of analysis of information advantage. The article reveals the contents of the new concepts. This article contains analytical expressions that allow for evaluation under fuzzy and semistructured information. The proposed methods allow to simulate real situations of competition
    Keywords:  management, decision making, risk, information, information asymmetry, information advantage, communication, risk minimization

  • Spatial relations in inventories
    Author: Vasyutinskaya Stanislava Igorevna
    Description:  The article analyzes the spatial relationship as the spatial and economic factors. The article shows the role of Geoinformatics to identify and describe spatial relationships. This article describes the features of the application of spatial relations in the inventory. This article describes an example of formalization of spatial relations. The article shows that the formalization of spatial relationships helps automate and intelligent processing of inventory information
    Keywords:  applied geoinformatics, cadastre, spatial relationships, information models, hierarchical relationships
    Big data photogrammetry and geodesy
    Author: Pavlov Andrey Ivanovich
    Description:  This article describes the problem of «big data» in the photogrammetry and geodesy. This article describes the causes and factors that lead to the emergence of big data. The article compares the big data and traditional data. The article shows that the problem of large data depends on large amounts of data. The article shows that the problem of large data depends also on fuzzy information, information model complexity and demands high processing speed. The analysis tools used in the processing of big data
    Keywords:  data, big data, complexity, methods of processing, photogrammetry, surveying, information technology