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  • On the prospects of development of the Russian state and law
    Author: Marchenko M.N.
    Description:  In this article on the basis of an analysis of the influence of various factors on the development of the Russian State and law in different historical periods tries to show status of domestic public law mechanism not only in past and present, but also to determine the prospects for its possible development in the foreseeable future.
    Keywords:  Russian State, law, society, convergence
    Russia: 1917 revolutionary legislation as a natural stage in the development of domestic law
    Author: Baburin S.N.
    Description:  Reflecting on contemporary issues of legal development in Russia, whether revolutionary legislation a logical step of development of domestic law, it has become increasingly clear that without understanding the past not realising and not would those ancient events, we will never be able to find the correct road to the future.
    Keywords:  civilization, society, the State, the right of revolution, legislation
    Social policy and development of the social state
    Author: Zhbanova E.A.
    Description:  The variety of definitions “social policy” is considered, five groups of approaches to this concept are singled out, internal and external aspects of social policy are outlined, types of subjects of social policy are outlined, federal, regional and municipal levels of social policy and its significance for the development of the social state are considered.
    Keywords:  Russian Constitution, social policy, state, social sphere, object, subject, subject of social policy, the Government of the Russian Federation, the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the social state
    October 1917 year and international law
    Author: Ashavskij B.M.
    Description:  The article deals with the impact of the great October socialist revolution on the formation and development of international law.
    Keywords:  great Oktyabrskaya socialist revolution, international law, the Decree on peace, the ideas and principles of the October revolution, the principles of peaceful coexistence

  • Features of compensation of damages caused by violation of the business agreement
    Author: Galeev I.S.
    Description:  The article examines the characteristics of the recovery of damages for non-performance or improper performance of the obligation in the arbitration process. Discusses the problems of determining the amount of lost profits.
    Keywords:  contract, failure to fulfill obligations, improper fulfillment of obligations, arbitration proceedings, lost profits
    Losses in the civil right: category and problems of proof
    Author: Romanova I.N.
    Description:  This article explores the civil law categories of damages and urgent matters of their evidence through the analysis of scientific sources, the current legislation and practice, evolving in the field of considered issues.
    Keywords:  damages, moral damages, actual damages, lost profits
    Some questions of improvement of the judicial system of the Russian Federation and strengthening its unity
    Author: Guljajkin S.F.
    Description:  The article considers the issues of improvement of legal regulation of legal professional activities in modern Russian conditions. Analyzed and characterized the legislative innovations. Revealed shortcomings and gaps legal aid. Provides basic principles and directions of improvement of legal regulation of legal assistance.
    Keywords:  legal assistance, legal activities, professional lawyer, the principles of the legal profession
    Problems of interaction of corporate law of russia and foreign countries. The doctrine of “piercing the corporate veil”
    Author: Kolontaevskaya I.F.
    Description:  The article examines separate legal constructions borrowed from foreign legal systems in the civil law of Russia, analyzes the doctrine of “piercing the corporate veil” and the possibility of its legalization and use of Russian courts, reveals the problems that arise.
    Keywords:  civil law, corporate law, limited liability company, legal entity, corporation, the doctrine of “piercing the corporate veil”

  • To the question of the death penalty as a form of criminal punishment
    Author: Dosyukova T.V.
    Description:  The article discusses the inconsistency of the legislative position in relation to the criminal punishment of the death penalty.
    Keywords:  death penalty, criminal punishment of terrorist crimes, legislative technique
    Experience of prevention of systemic and specific corruption in correctional institutions abroad
    Author: Matskevich I.M. / Aminov I.I.
    Description:  Organizational problems of counteracting specific and systemic corruption in the penal systems of foreign countries (Philippines, Indonesia, Bolivia and others) are analyzed in the article; trends in the steady growth of crimes and corruption-related offenses among officials of bodies and institutions executing punishment; the experience of the development by the administration of correctional institutions of effective mechanisms of counteraction and management of corruption risks is analyzed on the basis of timely detection of signs of potential corruption, understanding of its causes, planning and implementation of measures to prevent corrupt behavior of employees at specific and systemic levels.
    Keywords:  correctional institution administration, systemic corruption, specific corruption, penitentiary environment, corruption risks, conflict of interests, corruption-related crime, the powers of the officials, abuse of office, anti-corruption measures and mechanisms
    Problems in the development of algorithms for the investigation of crimes
    Author: Uvarova I.А.
    Description:  The paper studied the relationship between the concepts of “algorithm” and “algorithmic”; we analyzed the main requirements for forensic algorithm; considers the importance of algorithms for the investigation of crimes.
    Keywords:  planning of the investigation, the algorithm, the investigation of crimes
    The penalty as a criminal punishment in criminal law of foreign countries
    Author: Kazanov M.K.
    Description:  The Article is devoted to the peculiarities of criminal punishment in the form of a fine in criminal law of foreign countries.
    Keywords:  criminal code, criminal law, criminal penalty, fine, types of penalty, fines