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Information to use

Dear student,

This booklet will help you find your way around the University, tell you how to study and behave, and explain why you might be punished or expelled. Be patient while reading it. It'll help you make the most of your studies and avoid losing the opportunities offered here. 

Entrance to the University is possible on presentation of an electronic badge that is issued in the Department of Student Support (office 107) along with student ID card and academic record book upon enrollment. If one of these documents is lost, a duplicate must be obtained as a matter of urgency. 

On the ground floor the Student Services Department is located, which works on the principle of "one-stop-shop". You can ask any question here and they will consult you and help you to get the document, certificate and solve the problem. 

The main process at the University is education. The Department is organizing this process. The head of a particular department is the Dean, so all questions relating to your studies are dealt with by the Dean's office or the Head of the department faculty. 

Further information about the departments and faculties, as well as other relevant information, can be found on the website of the University ( 

In the University building the following is forbidden:

  • Wearing outerwear and head-dress,

  • Loud conversations, noise, walking in the corridors during classes,

  • Use of the lift,

  • Use of mobile phones in classrooms,

  • Smoking except in designated and equipped areas,

  • Drinking alcohol, using toxic and narcotic substances,

  • Gambling games,

  • Use of obscene language and other anti-social behavior.

Students may be subject to one of the following disciplinary sanctions for violating the academic discipline and the Internal Regulations: 

  • admonition,

  • reprimand,

  • expulsion from the University.

When determining a disciplinary punishment, the results of your studies will be considered.

Ground floor:

Book issue


1 floor:

Admissions Committee (room 101)

The center of career, practice, and employment (room 106)

Intercultural Education Center (room 116)

Security (room 110)

Cash desk, currency exchange

Economic Department (room 105a)

The Department of Student Support (room 107, phone: 783-68-97)

Medical Center (room 113)

Centre for Further Vocational Education (room 306)


2nd floor:


Dean's Office of the Department of Law (room 206)

Faculty of Sustainable Development (room 201)

Faculty of Theory and History of State and Law (room 204)

Faculty of Civil Law and Procedure (room 205)
Faculty of Criminal Law and Procedure (room 207)

Legal Clinic (study room 216a)

Department of Educational Work and Student Council (room 217)

3rd floor:

Dean's office of the Department of Economics and Finance (room 318)

Faculty of Urban Economics and Service Industries and Faculty of Accounting and Taxation" (room 324, phone 783-68-55)

Faculty of Banking and Finance (room 325)

Faculty of Management and Marketing" (room 313)

Faculty of Mathematical and Scientific Studies and Faculty of Information Systems (room 313)

Faculty of Social and Humanitarian Studies (room 313)

Dean’s office of the Department of Management (room 313, phone. 783-68-57)

Dean of the Department of Management (room 311)

Scientific and Research Centre and Postgraduate education office (room не был указанномер кабинета?)

4th floor:

Left Wing: Accounting Department (room 404)

Personnel department (room 406)

Administration (University)

Right wing: Training and methodological department (room 433)

Student human resources department (room 429)

Legal department (room 427a)

Pre-university training department (room 430)

Centre for Distance Education Technologies (room 432)

5th floor:

College, preparative department (room 507)


Digital library 

The student's digital library can be found at 

Without authorization the catalogue and browsing of books is available for public access. Full browsing of books is possible after authorization.